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Peter Gordon, Consultant Psychiatrist for Older Adults

A decade has passed since Bettina Piko wrote a paper called: Physicians of the future: Renaissance of polymaths?  I read this at the time with great fascination having been particularly inspired by a lecture given in London by Dr Raymond Tallis on dementia which went beyond the current focus on neuroscientific research.  At the end of his talk, and after Dr Tallis had left the lecture theatre, one of the facilitators, a leading doctor and expert on dementia, commented that Dr Tallis appeared ‘distanced’ from ‘biological reality’.   My conclusion was that Dr Tallis’ breadth of consideration was essential.  I mention this as my introduction to the Grassroots doctors was also through the consideration of dementia.

Bettina Piko suggested in this paper that medicine should be viewed as an“integrative, biopsychosocial science,” and that “medical education must involve the study of the biological structures and psychosocial functioning of human beings not as separate systems, but as interactive ones.”  Dr Piko suggested in conclusion that the “physician needs to become a sort of neo-polymath in a new Renaissance.”

I have come to appreciate the breadth of knowledge, ability and compassion in this group of doctors.  This Grassroots venture is one that would truly cheer Dr Piko, but also I have discovered represents practical and intelligent wisdom that will, I am quite certain, bring better care for us all.

About Grassroots GP wp.me/P31BIj-1 via @wordpressdotcom looking forward to hearing from this collective

Samir Dawlatly (@SDawlatly) March 17, 2013


Mark Robinson
Pharmacist, The Medicines Management Partnership

I am very interested in the joint problems of overdiagnosis and over / inappropriate prescribing. Through the medicines optimisation agenda I am interested in patients getting the best outcome for them out of the treatments used (which may not include medicines).

Very interested at the moment in the assessment of medicines related to outcomes that matter to patients (not just outcomes that get a license), patient led outcomes partnerships, supported self-care and medicines that change pathways of care. Disappointed in the increasing use of opiates in non-cancer pain and the probable creation of over 200,000 additional opiate addicts in the UK and the overuse of medicines in mental health, the elderly and the vulnerable.

Mark blogs at themmpblog.wordpress.com and tweets at @TheMMP1

Cathy Cooke

Cathy Cooke
Pharmacist. Head of Medicines Management for Allied Healthcare

I have broad primary care experience including community pharmacy, GP practice support pharmacist, PCT GP practice meds management facilitator, prison pharmacy lead and police custody meds management advisor.  I am chair of the Secure Environment Pharmacists Group and a prescriber.

On Twitter, Cathy is @CleverestCookie.

Partha Kar

Partha Kar
Consultant Diabetologist, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

Partha works both in acute care and community trusts. He pioneered the Super Six Diabetes model which aims to redefine role of Consultant – focussing on the support and educational aspect for primary care. He loves using social media to connect with patients and passionate about improving care!

Partha blogs as nhsSugarDoc.blogspot.co.uk and on Twitter is @ParthaSKar.


Simon Braybrook
GP, Butetown Medical Practice
Associate Academic Fellow, Cardiff University

Simon has a clinical and academic interest in primary mental health care which he approaches both from a service provider and a service user perspective. He serves on the core groups of the Wales Mental health in Primary Care Network and the All Wales Mental Health Promotion Network, and is Vice chair for the RCGP SE Wales faculty. He has an interest in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, especially the humanities in medicine. He is married and is proud Dad to two boys.

Mark McCartney

Mark McCartney
GP, Golden Beach Medical Centre, Queensland, Australia

I worked as a GP in rural Cornwall for over 20 years, but am now experiencing General Practice in Australia, although I intend to return to the UK for locum and OOH sessions. GPs can do so much more for patients with all the right support and resources – we need to get back control of our professional lives so that we feel positive about what we do. There are some great resources for GPs, including twitter where you might find me @markmccartney59