Various Types Of Remediation Processes

Remediation involves several different technologies in practice. Some of which are.

1.Solidification And Stabilization

The solidification and stabilization method is proven to be one of the most solid and dependable technologies, though it’s recently set off a number of issues related to durability and possible long-term side effects.

In addition, solidification and stabilization use emit CO2, which is becoming a major obstacle.You canĀ learn about formaldehyde test via Andersen Environmental.

Solidification – This remediation technology involves adding reagents to the contaminated media to contain the pollutants and limit access by external agents

Stabilization – This remediation technology involves adding reagents to contaminated media in order to product constituents that are chemically stable

2.Dredging Or Excavation

Dredging or excavation is one of the most basic types of remediation technologies around. Excavation is exactly what its name says it is, the simple process of hauling the contaminated media such as soil from its original site to a regulated landfill, where it is treated.

Excavation can also involve aerating the contaminated media when volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are present.

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