The Wisdom of the Crowd: 65 Grassroots Views of the NHS at 65

To mark the 65th Anniversary of the NHS, The Nuffield Trust has just published 65 different views of the NHS in a booklet entitled The Wisdom of the Crowd:65 Views of the NHS at 65. The Editor of this document has chosen to showcase the views of the great and the good, seeking opinion from those who could sit comfortably within 4 sections of ‘The Crowd’:

  1. Parliamentarians
  2. Officials
  3. Health and Social Care Leaders
  4. Independent Commentators

This has stimulated great discussion on Twitter, with many people asking the same question: Is this really representative of the crowd? There are 55 men and only 10 women, very few people who actually work at the coalface in the NHS, no grassroots NHS workers and no-one whose only claim to be involved is that they have a voice, and they are a patient.

We think there are other voices to be heard, voices which know and understand the NHS through personal experience because of their work at the coal face or experience as a patient. We would like to publish an Alternative Wisdom of the Crowd, with 65 Grassroots voices describing their own experience and views on the NHS.

If you are a patient, a doctor, nurse or other healthcare worker, and would like to contribute, please send us a submission of not more than 100 words, as a comment below.  Don’t forget to say what your relationship with the NHS is – whether patient or, if a healthcare worker, what your occupation is.

We will moderate and view them all, and publish our Alternative Wisdom, choosing the best submissions from a range of viewpoints.  Please do not be offended if your comment does not make the final cut, as we do intend to be selective on this occasion!

If you have any comments which you would prefer us not to consider as a submission, or would like to engage in discussion, I would encourage you to do so on Google Plus, or Twitter using the hashtag #NHSgrassroots.