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Concrete Plant Dust Collectors and Dust Suppression Considerations

Concrete plant owners and operators know the problems of dust collection. From the initial startup permitting and paperwork associated with the dust produced at concrete plants through the ongoing maintenance and replacement of dust filters and equipment years after you have been in business, dust collection and suppression is an important component of the system.

The laws and rules regarding dust collection and suppression requirements vary town by town, county by county and even state by state. Visit at www.concreteiron.com/ to get all details about allen power trowel.

Additionally you may have various agencies that you need to deal with including local zoning authorities, DNR, EPA and others depending on your location.



Fortunately the equipment used for collecting and suppressing dust associated with concrete plants has continued to improve and is now very effective. Dust collection and suppression must be considered at several different areas of the concrete plant. Some owners will put equipment to collect and control dust in every area where it can be created.

Others owners will only put the collection equipment where it is absolutely required. Many owners will use more dust collection equipment then required because they want to be environmentally friendly, appease opponents, or for other reasons. Ultimately the decision on what type of dust collection equipment you need is based on what you are trying to accomplish and what type of concrete plant you have.