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Australias Best Laser Eye Surgeon

Laser Eye Surgery is usually completely pain free post operatively. However, it is usual that during and shortly after the process the eye is light sensitive and stings mildly for about 3-4 hours. Rest and some anti-inflammatory analgesics are encouraged in this case. To find best cataract surgery you can browse online.

Keep the eye dry and keep away from rubbing it. When the procedure is finished the eyes are protected with clear plastic shields, and these are to be worn for the 1st day and during sleep for 3 nights. Antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and lubricant drops are initiated on the day of the process 4 times daily.




The Following Day:

The majority of people find the day following laser vision correction to be a delightful day, their vision is normally 6/6 (20/20, perfect distance vision) and there is a vast amount of delight about the fresh, fresh world that has appeared.

Remarks such as "I can lastly see the leaves on the trees" are standard. The eye will be more relaxed. Continuing with the drops is vital and the principle system are no eye rubbing and avoiding water and sweat in the eye for about 2 weeks.

Contact sports should be put on hold for 2 weeks. The majority of people can recommence work the very next day and there are no limitations on flying. The medicated drops are used for 1 week.