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The Benefits Of Fixed Price Property Management Contracts

When you have a contract for flat rate property management in Southgate, MI you know and can plan around when rental payments will be made.  The simple process of setting up a fixed price contract allows clear contracts to be created that take all the worry about your rental return.  The contract sets the time of month when rental returns are forwarded on.  Each month the landlord will receive a statement showing rental income, real estate fees and charges, expenses if there have been any paid, and the amount being transferred into the landlords bank account.  Landlords do not need to worry about ever having to follow up rental arrears or payments. 

With our flat rate property management in Southgate, MI you are guaranteed to have stress free tenancies and regular, reliable income.  The process by which the real estate agent screens suitable tenants, the careful selection process and the quality of the leases signed mean that it is unusual to have any issues in collecting rent as it falls due.  No late payments assist in providing peace of mind for the investor who owns the home.  Just wait for the money or check to arrive each month to secure your investment. I recommend you to hire a flat rate property management, Southgate, MI professional to make your property management easier.