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Troubled Festive Season For Married Couples?

The research reveals that one in ten (10 per cent) couples split following a holiday for example Christmas, whilst 5 per cent determine to divorce straight away.

Arguments over the break period topped the list of reasons why couples divorced or separated:Top 3 reasons for separating or divorcing after the holiday period:1. Arguing too much on the break period (29 per cent)2. My partner was unfaithful (23 per cent)3. I wanted to get through the vacation first for the sake of the household before going ahead with it (20 per cent)

Divorce Day

The research further revealed that only under one in ten (8 per cent) couples throughout the UK have considered separating after having a vacation with their family but did not go through with it, whilst 5 per cent additionally considered divorcing but again didn't go through with it. Amicable also recently saw an 80 per cent increase in enquiries following the conclusion of the summer holiday season this year, further emphasizing this trend.

Now 42 per cent of prices, and marriages in the UK end in divorce could be enormous. It's estimated that couples can wind up paying £8,000 each in legal fees only for lawyers finances. to be sorted couples by to The cost of visiting court is estimated at £13,000 per individual outside of London, reaching £40,000 per individual in London, although these fees can of course be higher.

The emotional and social effect of divorce is higher and is estimated to cost the nation £48 billion a year, which amounts every tax payer. to £1,820 a year for Including increased welfare and education expenses of coping with youngsters who endure the fallout of the parents' divorce.

Amicable's penetration amongst UK adults shown that the principal reasons couples decided against divorcing or separating after considering it were in fact:1. They managed to work it out (29 per cent)2. The emotive impact on the kids (23 per cent)3 They wouldn't be able to maintain the same lifestyle if they divorced or separated (20 per cent)

Kate Daly, Co founder of amicable said: "Definitely Christmas and New Year is a time when emotions are running high and couples are spending a lot of time together. Your normal work and routine aren't diverting you and in case you might be fighting to get on, it is not surprising that many people consider distinguishing and will realise how miserable they feel.

"This is quite a common reaction if couples are going through a hard time, and not simply at Christmas but after any holiday period. We saw a rise in people downloading the amicable program in September once the summer holidays were over.

Some couples sadly, believe that there is no way back and need to divorce fast and as amicably as they're able to. However, for as our insight has shown and many there are also kids involved, this is really a vital reason why some hold back from seeing a divorce through.

"Divorce is an extremely challenging, emotionally stressful and financially quite expensive choice if you go through lawyers. Lawyers will never be capable of aid together with the emotional support and advice that couples want and in our experience, that is where the fiscal impact will be – as costs will climb."