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How to Fix Geforce Experience Unable to Connect to NVidia Error

If Nvidia graphic card is installed on your system, it is quite possible that you face " GeForce Experience unable to connect to Nvidia error " in your system whenever you attempt to update your video display drivers. Commonly windows OS users are experiencing this matter. There are various ways on internet to fix this problem. Use this guide to fix this problem in your computer and enhance your gaming experience.

Delete NSManagedTasks.xml File


The reason for this issue might be the NVIDIA Network Service caught in starting condition. This could generate difficulties in connectivity in network and can make it nearly impossible in order to download and install anything by way of GeFroce Experience. To repair it:

On the keyboard, hold the Windows logo key and R all together, type services.msc and press Enter. Hold the N button on your keyboard to faster find out NVIDIA Network Service. Make certain that the status of this service is running.

Move to C:ProgramDataNVIDIA CorporationNetService. Delete NSManagedTasks.xml, which should be an XML Record type file. In case you can't view this file right here, you must have to click "show hidden files and folders". Just simply type "show hidden files" in start menu search and press enter. On the keyboard, press the Windows logo key and X simultaneously and click Task Manager. Click on the Details tab and NVNetworkService.exe. And then click on End Task. Go back Services windows, right-click NVIDIA Network Service and initiate it. Your GeForce Experience must be functioning properly now.