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The Role Of Lemon Juice In Treating Gallbladder Pain

When you hear the word gallstones you probably think of something that is the size of a pebble or a small stone. After all the word stones suggest something of size that is hard and solid. Gallstones form from the components of the bile stored in the gallbladder and are usually the size of grains of sand, or maybe as large as a small pea, or a kernel of corn. However, in some instances, they can get as large as a golf ball, however, gallstones of this size are indeed quite rare. Small sized gallstones can however cause a lot of pain when they are numerous and when being forced through the common bile duct. The common bile duct is so small that moving something the size of a grain of sand through it can cause major complications. For more information on how to identify if what you are feeling is related to gallstones, click here.

Lemons are highly supportive to the liver and its numerous functions in the human body. Eating this citrus fruit or the juice from this fruit can help you to maintain a healthy liver that does its job completely. That is why the use of lemons in the diet changes that are made by people with gallstones is so popular. The gallbladder is connected to the liver and the whole reason that it exists in your body is to hold bile that is sent to it from the liver. So whenever you do something that is detrimental to your liver it will also affect your gallbladder. An obvious example of detrimental abusive substance is alcohol. You can however consume substances like lemon juice, that will not only alkalize your body but assist your gallbladder. In order to increase your consumption of fresh lemon, try squeezing a small amount of the fresh juice into a cool glass of water at least once a day. More times than that if you can. You may also want to mix lemon juice in some of your other beverages and place it on top of fresh salads and even over fish before you grill. Or you may wish to consider cleansing the liver and gallbladder via this method.