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Your Dental Implants Information Guide

The use of dental implants has its origins in Sweden in 1952 when a doctor discovered by accident that titanium could bond with bone tissue irreversibly. Then in 1965, modern implants were first used as roots for attaching prosthetic teeth.

The procedure involves placement of an implant that is made of titanium into a space drilled in the jawbone. The screw is left in place for several months (up to nine months) to allow the area to heal and for the implant to bond with the jaw bone before attaching a permanent crown.

Dental implants have grown in popularity over the years because of their high success rate, which is estimated to be about 90-95 percent. Dental implants are some of the most popular teeth restoration options within cosmetic dentistry. To know How Long Do Implants Last And Dental Implant Longevity, you can also go through the web.

They improve teeth's aesthetics and because of their resemblance to natural teeth, they are commonly used to replace missing teeth. Recent developments in implant placement are now allowing dentists to place implants immediately after tooth extraction.

 In future, these developments will mean a shorter length of implant placement procedure. However, the eligibility of a person for this method depends on certain factors like the anatomy of the area from where a tooth is extracted.