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A Responsive Real Estate Service

As a homeowner, you expect the best from the so-called professional that you hire. Unfortunately, sometimes you will not receive the best service and you may not know the actual lack of service that you’re receiving from your real estate agent.

That’s where I come in to shed some light on the situation. For more information about real estate services you can hop over to http://www.chriskopf.com/.

If you seek the services of a real real estate agent/broker who’s an associate of the Long Island Panel Of Real estate agents, your home can look on the MLS. Upon this website, realtors get access to upload and change/upgrade their listings. This is actually the “agent area” of the MLS system.

I wish to explain some things that you, the property owner/seller, won’t see on your list that indicates if you ask me, another agent, you are agent is not offering you full-service. I’ll highlight the next areas:

  1. Open Houses
  3. Directions
  4. Commission Structure.


To begin with, on your list in the “agent aspect” of the MLS system, there’s a section entitled “Consumer Start House Particular date” or “Broker Open up House Date”. This section allows providers to see when open up properties will be wanted to view your home. I thought we would cover this area since it is a tell-tale signal that you will be acquiring quality service or poor service.

Definitely, if you’re advertising your home as well as your agent only does indeed one wide open house in half a year, you know relating to this. You also observe how they carry out themselves, if indeed they show up past due or leave early on, etc. What I wish to speak about is this section on your list specifically.

For the Directions, agents have the opportunity to provide other real estate agents with directions to the property. Now as a real estate agent, I like to make things as easy for an agent to find my listing as possible. With the internet, of course using maps online is easy, but I don’t want to give anyone more work then they already have. I like my listings to flow and I want other agents to have as much information about the location as possible.