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Enter the World of Cosplay

The term Cosplay, which is just a retrenchment of the words "costume" and "play", was originally coined by an artist known by the name: Nov Takahashi in a Science Fiction convention is Southern California in the 80s.

Unlike the regular Halloween costumes, Cosplay has a unique type of goal. It aims to understand. Simply, it is just an attempt to become a certain character just like what stage actors do when they play a role. Aside from renting a costume, cosplayers also need to become the character. Mannerisms, body language and voice of the target character should be mimicked & studied by the cosplayer to completely  enjoy the event. To get the most affordable cosplay costumes, visit http://www.rolecosplay.com/.

There are a few differences between Asian and Western Cosplay. The major difference is their focus. While Asian Cosplay focuses on manga and anime, the Western Cosplay, on the other hand tends to focus on much more popular characters Star Wars, Star Trek, and superheroes of Marvel and DC comics. Other than that, Asian & Western Cosplay are both same. Joker from the DC comics is a very popular cosplay.

Cosplay is considered a subculture in some regions. Social trends have influenced cosplay in the past few years.