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What to Know when Using the CBD

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When you are undergoing the CBD therapy, you need to work together with your doctor to figure out the best dosage, the best administration system, and the best ratio. In the CBD therapy, some people are responding well to the CBD only care while some may need the combination of balanced CBD and THC contents. No patients have the same symptoms and get the same treatments. Each person is unique so treatments and therapies must be adjusted to their needs too.


The Ratio Considerations

Based on the medical studies performed in the last few years, some of the common patterns start to appear in the medical usage of the CBD. A small dosage of low CBD and a little hint of THC is good to treat depression, psychosis, anxiety, seizure, and spasm issues. A balanced THC and CBD ratio is great for autism, cancer, and other ailments. The 1:1 ratio for the THC and CBD is good (and pretty effective) to treat neuropathic pain.


However, those patterns mentioned before aren’t always correct and applicable. You need to remember that the condition of medical issues is different from one person to another so it is possible that they may have a certain need too. For instance, some patients may use the different ratio of the CBD and THC within different time frames, such as more THC during the day and more CBD during the night. Both the THC and CBD are great to treat inflammatory and autoimmune disorders because their natural traits are good enough to activate a certain receptor that is responsible for regulating immune function.


The Effects

You need to remember that different dosages can lead to different effects. When you use only a small dosage of cannabis, it will stimulate. Large dosage will lead to sedation. Too high THC can result is excessive mood disorder and anxiety. Sometimes, it is better to go less than too much. 

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