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Importance of brain in our body

Brain is the most essential part of our body which gives us capability to think, to feel and to store our memories. Functioning of our brain depends upon overall functioning of our health. A good health keeps our brain healthy.  Our brain has an amazing ability by which it reshapes, adapts and evolves on the bases of our overall health condition and that ability is known as “neuroplasticity”.

Some Facts about Brain:

•    Human brain consumes largest portion of total energy which is almost 20%

•    Our brain is made up of about 75% of water

•    Brain controls blood pressure, temperature and heart rate

•    All the physical activities such as walking, standing, hearing and smelling are control by brain

•    Brain commands our nervous system

•    Brain let us experience the emotions

•    Make Control over all the conscious and unconscious facts of our life

Since being healthy is mandatory to let our whole system work correctly for this purpose scientists have found a great solution in the form of capsules known as “Geniux”. It is a drug that acts like a brain supplement to boost human mind and gives energy to our mind to work more effectively. To gain more information regarding this topic you can search geniux brain supplement review on the internet. These reviews will help you to get more knowledge.


Nutrition Tips for Better Memory

Once we get older our power to recall information can diminish, but we are not powerless from this. There are foods that will help keep your brain healthful and sharp. Here are the basics about the health benefits for your brtain.

Vitamin E

According to the survey of Dietary Guidelines of The united states, 90% of Americans aren't getting their daily dose of vitamin e. Vitamin E is a good anti-oxidant and it helps protect the membranes from oxidation and the omega-3s from something termed peroxidation.

Peroxidation is the method, by which free radicals "steal" electrons on the lipids in cell membranes, which causes cell destruction. 97% of DHA (omega-3 docosahexaeonic acid) can be found in the brain, and is the reason for 30% of the structural fats from the gray matter.

You will find vitamin E in soup powder, dried basil, dried oregano, dried parsley, sunflower oil, peanuts, peanut butter, whole wheat germ, sockeye salmon, tuna, tomatoes, oatmeal, paprika, toasted walnuts, almond butter, roasted sunflower vegetables, broccoli and many others. You can also look for brain boosting supplements by visiting  this link http://www.purenootropic.com/brain-supplements/geniux/, if you want to increase your memory. 

Omega-3 Essential fatty acids and DHA

There are numerous studies that show a link between omega-3 fatty acids DHA and protective benefits towards brain. It appears to reduce the prospect of getting Alzheimer's, as well as vascular dementia. Two separate studies indicate that eating fatty fish once a week reduces the risk associated with Alzheimer's by 60%. Omega-3s are particularly crucial to the developing infant human brain.