Should artists like Thota Vaikuntam take the mantle for Indian painting?

It goes without saying that leaders in any field are definitely one of those people that have had to struggle a lot, and have now gained the kind of recognition that makes them the leader in that field. Of course, it goes to show a lot about the kind of strength the person has, be it in the mental are in the physical arena. However, in the painting scenario, a lot of Indian painters have not been able to make a case for themselves according to the prevailing painting standards. However, the exception is Thota Vaikuntam.

He has been nominated for numerous awards, and the best part about this person is that he has had a lifelong ambition about showcasing the Indian village life to the general public. Almost all his paintings have a certain class of people from the village showcasing themselves as models, although they go about their daily activities. His body of art speaks volumes about the lifestyle that most of the Indian people romanticize about, which is the Indian village life. Humble, easily spoken to and excellent in terms of painting the realistic journey of the Indian people, Thota Vaikuntam is definitely a person that can be considered a leader in the contemporary Indian painting scenario.

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