Reading Success Begins in the Preschool Years – Teacher Tips

As a teacher, I have been asked by preschool parents how they can help their preschool child be successful in school. Certainly reading to your child is an important step but there are other activities that can enhance even further success.

Parents can encourage reading success that is greater by modeling the scanning procedure. Point to the words as you're currently reading to your child. This teaches your child that print moves from left to right, from top to bottom and spaces separate words.

The best books are the ones that are repetitive and predictable. The storyline follows a pattern that is repetitive. These kinds of books are called readers. An example of a pattern is:

I see a bear.

I see a duck.

Your child can begin reading these books on their own because they are highly predictable. We call this pretend reading because they are not really reading the book yet. This is an important step because it allows your preschools kid to view themselves as the reader and this initiates a positive attitude towards it.

Reading Success Begins in the Preschool Years - Teacher Tips

Sometimes, read books with your child. Research has demonstrated that kids understanding rhyme have a better knowledge of how language functions and this promotes success. Dr. Seuss books and nursery rhymes are a terrific resource for this.

Reproducible books are an efficient and affordable way to introduce children. These sort of books used in the classroom and are reproduced by teachers. They're in the format so that they can be copied and stapled and this allows every child in the classroom. The beauty of these books is that they're inexpensive and learning skills can be colored and exercise by kids within this book's content. 

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