How Reading Influences the Development of the Mind

Practice makes perfect being the leitmotiv of coaches in almost any discipline; such a statement reveals more of a process of the mind besides being a wise slogan. Other variations of same statement are redundant in everyday practices as well, for instance "learning by doing". To bring such level-headedness to closure, think of how much pronounced incidents throughout our lives have remained lively to date, as if they just happened yesterday.

Here we are, facing that revolving nature of our mind, replying, reacting and feeding into what it has been through, consciously or not. Unlike watching television, listening to a tube, or a show, reading is one of the very few activities that address the whole receiving predispositions of our mind. You can follow us on twitter to get latest updates on asu community.

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In other words, simply put, conduct this examination and you will be astonished as how many various answers you will receive from close friends you thought you knew about their reading habits! People read differently, and most will have to read more than once to "get it", many more will have to read and come back to that paragraph again later on, trying to better understand the meaning after having been exposed to other sequential realities in real life, associated to that reading experience.

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