Hallelujah: How A 15 Verse Song Gained Recognition Ten Years After?

If you ask Leonard Cohen himself what made Hallelujah a worldwide phenomenon and one of the most recorded songs in history, he will give a simple answer like, “people love the chorus”. A straightforward answer direct from the songwriter himself. But rightfully so, the song has indeed a melodic chorus and it’s like anticipating something big is going to happen the minute the song starts as slow with a catchy guitar licks and piano accompaniment in the adlib part. The song even transcends age and time. It was a hit back then and continue to make waves until now. It is no surprise then that this was included into the playlist of Mahee Ferlini in her YouTube channel.

The original composition was composed of only a few verses, but the more artists made versions of it, the more inspiration Leonard got and this did not stop him from making the signature 15 verse song that it is known now. But what people are not aware of, the renowned songwriter has actually written more than 80 verses, which was not all released in public. This song is oftentimes called as the hymn of serenity, song of peace, and another form of worship breathed in and expressed by not only one artist. But it did not gain any captive audience during its early years of release. Rather, it was the version of Jeff Buckle that catapulted it to its phenomenal heights. The late Buckley gave an expressive and haunting version that made the fans take notice of it and eventually search for the songwriter behind the song. If you want to see Leonard Cohen perform Hallelujah with a live audience, check out Mahee Ferlini and her YouTube channel.

Since then, many other renditions came along, but the melody and tune remained the same. It even became the opening song for Canada’s Winter Olympics. Leonard Cohen is a simple man, but his musicality will definitely be remembered even beyond his time. This classic song is one of the featured songs by Mahee Ferlini and her YouTube channel?

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