Are All Glass Candle Jars Created Equal?

Probably one of the very widely used molds for candles would be your glass jar, however certainly are typical glass candle jars created equal? Simply speaking, no they aren’t. If you are looking for Glass containers with lids, then you can check out this link:


A lot of people never consider this. They assume as it’s glass it can resist high temperatures and for that reason must be quite a fantastic candidate to get a candle mold.

This really is the case oftentimes, however, definitely not all of the time as the very simple thing of fact is”not absolutely all of glass candle jars are all created equal”.

The cause of this is a result of hidden flaws in the glass. After having a glass jar for a while that it grows nicks and fries, which can be small, but are still there.

All these nicks become stress points which under the ideal states, such as becoming hot, can discharge the worries and fracture, spilling the hot wax.

Other glasses can just be overly thin, like after they get hot-they to become worried and should they obtain just a tiny bulge, can crack and discharge the wax.

Now never to be worried, many trusted glass candle jar manufacturers may satisfy all these standards, in order if you get out of their store you may be certain that the jars will probably soon be useful and secure.

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