Finding The Right Dog Food For Your Pet

When choosing a type of dog food, there are a few considerations to keep in mind, first the size of your pet as well as any particular nutritional requirements that your pet may have.  For example, just like humans dogs can have allergies, so if your dog is allergic to certain ingredients like corn, you will want to stay away from brands of dog food such as Alpo Dog Food which have corn as a filler ingredient.  In general most premium brands of dog food, only use meat or poultry as their primary source of protein, so you should be safe if you go with a premium dog food, however it is always wise to check the label before buying any dog food.  

Most dog food brands have several different varieties of both canned as well as dry dog food and there are advantages and disadvantages to both.  Also you should keep in mind that your dogs food preferences can change over time, so while you may have started your puppy on dry dog food, by the time they are an elderly dog, they may require a canned or wet dog food brand.  In general, canned dog food cost twice as much as the dry dog food variety, however canned dog food is also higher in protein.  For small and elderly dogs which often times have trouble eating dry kibble, choosing a canned dog food from Artemis Dog Food can make a lot of sense, since it is a lot easier for your dog to chew meat instead of compressed kibble.  However, if you simply cannot afford the higher cost of canned dog food, then you should look for a brand of dog food that has smaller kibble, if you have an elderly dog or puppy.  Many brands of dog food, have special formulas for not only certain types of breeds of dogs, but also various sizes of dogs as well. 

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