All About Drug Testing Kits

Employers are administering drug tests with increasing frequency in the past twenty decades or so, for quite a few factors. These include security, trustworthiness with sensitive info, and wellness/insurance expenses.

Some privacy advocates have protested these policies, particularly when they happen randomly instead of because of reasonable suspicion, but companies have discovered the benefits to be significant. You can also know more about drug testing, pathology, routine blood tests, flow cytometry by clicking right here.

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As opposed to sending prospective employees into a clinical lab, some companies have started performing their very own onsite drug testing. Advantages of onsite drug testing include price, convenience, and precision.

Other companies favor the continuing use of urine samples. One product utilized for onsite urine screening is a urine dipstick. By collecting the urine sample from the cup, a human resources officer could examine the urine for the presence of medication for as many as eight hours.

These specially made cups maintain the urine at room temperature for many hours, making sure a new sample.

Price and convenience are also grounds for onsite drug testing. This might be particularly important to small companies with limited funds. By eliminating possible medication and saving on prices from testing, companies are discovering onsite drug testing for a nice alternative to conventional ways.

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