Creating The Best Star Wars Halloween Party

So you would like to produce a stunning Halloween Party for the entire family and friends but don’t know what motif to select or how to make it happen.

Well, you have come to the ideal location. Even though there are lots of thoughts that perhaps going through your mind why don’t you select Star Wars, with its distinctive appeal to both the young and elderly age group?

Listed below are a few ideas and games which can help you keep the younger ones occupied so that you can marvel at that excitement and smiles or enjoy your own party:

Asteroid Hunt:

Buy small snacks or presents and wrap them in aluminum foil. If you want to know more about star wars themed party ideas you can log in to

Hide them any place in the house or backyard. In the celebration, allow the kids search through the ‘galaxy’. The children are going to love the excitement of starting their stones and detecting wealth!

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Light Saber Training Course:

Create some lightsabers with foam insulation or anything you can locate. Wrap 4-6 inches in the finish with colored electrical tape to create a handle. 1 red, one black blue etc… To play, divide the kids into groups to experience a challenging program.

Each group will get one “Light Saber”. Create jobs for every potential Jedi to achieve with the entire lightsaber in hand. Like: Hit ping pong balls using the lightsaber, Crawl or exploding bubbles together with the lightsaber.

Star Wars Party Bags:

Create your own party purses by filling plastic party cups adorned with Star Wars Stickers. Compose each guests name with glitter glue and match with glow in the dark things, figurines, glow-balls, little Star Wars toys, and treats.

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