Are Dog Supplements Effective?

As a pet owner, you desire only the best for your pet. Hence, when it comes to your dog’s health, you wouldn’t want to go wrong. And since humans take vitamins and supplement to enhance their health, you wonder of your dog would need the same. Of course there are natural dog supplements that your dog can get from one’s diet but you may wonder if they will suffice.

You need to know that vets would say that dogs don’t need additional supplements if they are already getting them from their diet. In fact, eating vegetables and fruits will already suffice. However, giving probiotics to enhance one’s gastrointestinal health is highly recommended.

If you ask whether dog supplements work, the answer will depend on how the product is manufactured. There are rare clinical tests done on these products. Hence, it will be tough to look for clinical evidence for the effectiveness of these products. A test was done on Glucosamine-chondroitin (supplement given to dogs with osteoarthritis). This gives varied results. After 70 days of treatment, this resulted to improved mobility and less pain among dogs. Meanwhile, fatty acids can help a lot to make the dog’s coat look better while fish oil supplements lowers down inflammatory reactions. 

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