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The Benefits of Mineral Foundation for Acne-Prone Skin

Mineral makeup has been around from the time women desired to look more beautiful, but it has gained popularity recently and is seeing a revival of sorts. Mineral makeup products are readily available in the market now, but care has to be taken to purchase only the best.


Mineral makeup is a boon to people who have oily skin and are more prone to acne breakouts. How is it advantageous to people with sensitive skin? Let us find out-

  1. Mineral makeup is made of naturally occurring minerals like iron oxides, zinc oxide and titanium oxide which do not harm the skin.
  2. The mineral makeup products do not use preservatives like parabens, fragrances and dyes which would otherwise aggravate acne breakouts.
  3. It is non-comedogenic that means it does not clog pores and hence reduces the acne formation.
  4. The mineral makeup is natural and non-oily. The minerals are finely ground and milled to get a powdery texture. This does not use any additives to bind the substance. Hence, this is non-oily and well-suited to acne-prone skin.
  5. There are people with acne-prone skin who have actually benefitted from using mineral makeup. They say that it has improved their skin condition.
  6. Mineral makeup is recommended for people with sensitive skin since it has few irritants and is soothing to the skin.

So if you are the one with oily-skin, then there is no better alternative to mineral makeup. Get the best mineral foundation for oily skin and see who incredibly it blends with the oil of your skin making you feel more happy and comfortable with the glow on your face.