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Types of Cable Pushers

Cable pushers are being used in cable pulling applications. These cable pushers help in transporting the cables in a more effective and efficient way. It reduces strain on cable pulling machines. If you want to carry your cable wire to another city, a cable pusher is what you need. There are hydraulic models as well as other cable installers. Here are some types of cable pusher machines.

Courtesy: Winch Hire Australia

1. Cable and pipe pushing unit

This type of cable pusher can be used in confined and closed places. It is easier to carry it around either on ships, buildings or power plants. It is used immensely due to its wear resistant rubber material. It provides adequate friction and can be easily managed on the ground.

2. Cable pusher Top mount

This cable pusher can grip cables from up to 50 mm to 140 mm. It works by using the electrical control pendant. Their source of power is mainly the power packs. Hydraulic power sources can also be used to provide charging. All the parameters of a Top Mount are adjustable.

3. Cable Pusher Side mount

This Side mount can lift the cable from one side. It is designed in a more compact form and can be used in narrow places. Its purpose is to lift all sorts of heavy cables over the pusher and fit it into the top. It is characterized by control valving. It can be positioned in any remote manner.

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