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How To Easily Remove Soap Scum Deposits In Your Bathroom

When it comes to cleaning the bathroom, one of the most stubborn things to wash is the shower walls and glass shower doors, mainly due to soap scum buildup. Soap scum and hard water buildup can be troubling if you have lousy water most often referred to as hard water, which can leave deposits on glass surfaces. One good way to clean soap scum is to take an ounce of standard dish soap and fill up a spray bottle with regular tap water and roughly a cup of vinegar. If you spray the mixture on your shower wall and allow it to set in, you will discover that you can easily wash or wash away the soap scum. You should check into a water softener, which can not only extend the duration of your home appliances but also help decrease the buildup of hard water spots on your bathroom fixtures. To identify which is the best water softener for your home, you first want to get an idea of the water quality in your home.  You should be able to find water testing kits at most major hardware stores, that will allow you to instantly be able to tell what the hardness of your tap water is.

Besides conventional water softeners, there are also saltless water softeners available, which instead rely on citric acid found in ordinary limes and lemons.  Systems like the NuvoH2O Saltless Water Softener can provide your entire home with water that is free from heavy minerals, and are fairly maintenance free.  In fact, the NuvoH20 systems use an easy to change filtration cartridge, that is very similar to a water filter cartridge.  Besides being better for the environment, the NuvoH20 system has no moving parts, so it will last longer and it also is cheaper to operate, since it doesn't require any electricity to operate.