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What Exactly Is Video Marketing?

When asked what exactly is video marketing? I try to ask a number of questions to establish exactly what the individual is hoping to achieve. This is because video marketing can mean two distinct things: marketing a video or marketing with video. I listen prudently as each answer to the question can make a slight difference in each case.

Marketing with Video

People that are marketing with video are the ones that are trying to promote a product or service and wish to incorporate a video or videos as a part of a direct marketing campaign. Marketing with video might be as simple as adding a video to a company's web site.You can visit http://www.bmvideomarketing.co.uk/ to learn more about vedio marketing and how it can help you.

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Marketing with video is regularly used by marketers as a sales tool to and to collect subscriber information. Video can also be included inside an e-mail marketing campaign or in the form of a webinar series for creating leads. A superb example is when marketing with video is exploited to explain to visitors the specific elements of a product when they visit a company web site.

Marketing with video is far much more fruitful when somebody is currently within some part of the sales funnel. Maybe they have signed up for a newsletter, downloaded an e-book or visited your company's stand at a trade show.