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Is It Necessary to Cure Skin Tags?

A lot of people may think so, but it is for cosmetic reasons, not medical ones. Pathologically speaking, skin tags are totally benign growths on the skin acquired over time and are not damaging in any way. In other words, it is not essential to cure tags on the skin. However, most people would agree that they are not very attractive to look at. If you are suffering form Skin tags problems then, you can visit at thuja occidentalis essential oil skin tags to get rid of those problems.


Why Skin Tags Occur

If you see a small bit of soft skin hanging out anywhere on your body, it is most undoubtedly a skin tag. You may have several tags on your body (up to 80-100) or you may have none.

It is not essentially indicative of the state of your health, although it has been noted that obese or overweight people are more likely to progress them. Perfectly fit individuals may obtain them too, and in some cases, these tags may even be hereditary.

In fact, what precisely causes skin tags is not known. What has been observed is that they usually occur in parts of the body where skin rubs against skin, or against a garment. This includes the groin, armpits and neck. The eyelids are prone to skin tags too, and women may develop them under their breasts.


Tags on the skin are usually quite small, in the range of 2-5 millimeters in diameter. This is probably why a lot of people don't bother about removing them. However, skin tags may grow to be 5 cm in diameter. The good news is that even without treatment; they don't always stay permanently, and may fall off at some stage.