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Two Useful Tips for Breastfeeding Position Could Help Your Effective Nursing

When it comes to giving breastfeeding, you should do carefully and perfectly. Why does it sound like that? Well, breastfeeding is a precious moment for your love one. As we know that, breastfeeding has so many positive things for you. But, do you know what a proper position for breastfeeding? Or you still don’t exactly know it. So, this may be useful tips for the right breastfeeding position. physical therapists

1.    Reclining Position 

Reclining position is the best for a mother who is in recovering from Cesare. The position uses to nurse while you are lying in the bed. Put some pillow on your back in order to support your position in straight line. While you nurse the baby, the baby should position horizontally to face you. Then draw him close to your nipple, cradle his head with your bottom arm, putting your bottom arm under his head. You may need to lift your breast with your fingers, so your little one can drink milk comfortably. physiotherapy

2.     The cradle holds position

The cradle position is the most common position for giving a milk to your little baby. How it works is you are required to cradle your baby’s head to your crook of your left hand. And, bring your right hands down. We suggest you to hold his head on a pillow in order to the baby is facing you. If you are nursing on the left breast, you are nursing on the left hand, rest your baby’s head on your crook of the left hand. Do it in contrasts.

That are two common positions when nursing your lovely one.  There are still a lot of things should know. And how to learn all of them? Riverside Medical Group has comprehensive breastfeeding educational class for you. For information and registration, please visit our website.