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Major benefits of food grade diatomaceous earth

Do you use food grade diatomaceous earth in your garden? If yes, then you must know that it resides on the surface of plants. As a result, the insects will stay away from your garden. If not, they will be killed by the physical action of food grade DE.

If you don’t want to use DE in powdered form then it is better to mix it with water and spray it on the plants. This will keep the ants away from the trees. One cup of DE will be enough for every one gallon of water. Silica is the main ingredient of DE. You can learn about silica benefits from various online sources.

Food grade Diatomaceous Earth will do no harm to earthworms that are present in the soil. It should be Earthworms will do the job of mixing DE into the soil at their own pace, once you have sprayed it on the surface of soil.

Diatomaceous earth is also used for the feeding of livestock. It can be added to grain storage for longer protection. Food grade DE can even be consumed by humans because it helps to eliminate toxins from your digestive system. If you have bed bugs or ticks and fleas inside your home then diatomaceous earth can be used to get rid of them.