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Why Stun Guns Are So Good As Nonlethal Self Defense Products

Stun devices had their origins nearly 80 years ago when an enterprising farmer got frustrated along with his slow-moving cattle. That was the birth of the cattle prod. It had been an ugly looking device that shot volts of electricity into cattle shocking them into moving faster. Back they needed to be plugged into be used. That type of limited their usefulness.

When people saw how effective cattle prods were, law enforcement types and military engineers started developing ways to create them a successful self-defense weapon. They started by making them battery operated which made them more mobile. Then the next phase was to create them more powerful. 

When cattle prods first began 10,000 volts was a lot. Nowadays the average voltage for stun devices is nearer to three to four million volts. My, how times change! They are smaller and more powerful-perfect for female self-defense. Here I would also like to add that after reading this article you must hop on to https://guarddog-security.com/ to know about latest non lethal self defense weapons.

Virtually every law enforcement officer in the United States carries some kind of stun device. That might be a teaser or regular stun gun. They are considered so powerful that lots of countries don't allow them. And in reality they're not legal in every 50 of the United States. So check with your local sheriffs ‘department first before you think about getting one to be sure they're legal in your jurisdiction.