Daily Archives: May 7, 2016

The Amazing Georgian Cuisine And Wine

Georgia’s tourism is starting to take off and many are coming to visit to see a less known country and one that maintains a sense of mystery and romance. Not much is known about Georgia and it definitely would not be many people's first choice for a holiday destination. However, as many people are becoming more adventurous and willing to explore the unknown, more people are becoming attracted to Georgia and this is improving Georgia tourism industry. Their main economical product is wine which they produce in their millions of gallons.

If you are lucky enough to visit Georgia then you must try and source out some local food and wine. It is easy enough to find. In the main cities such as Tbilisi, you will find local, traditional food settled amongst more mainstream restaurants. But when you find it, you will be blown away by their cheeses and breads and their stews and roasts. They maintain a very family orientated food style with big hearty meals that will fill you up after a day hiking in the cold mountains. The food and wine is just another factor which is helping to grow Georgia’s tourism and make them into a up and coming country.