Daily Archives: February 2, 2016

Experience High-Level Performance with the BassCat Cougar Advantage

The BassCat Cougar Advantage might probably be the ideal bass boat for those who are looking for something economical for the bass fishing tournament.  BassCat utilizes its trademark – fiberglass – in the making of the Cougar Advantage. The boat is a 20” long masterpiece that bears a few unique tweaks that set it aside from other BassCat boats.

Since most people don’t just hit that waters to enjoy a day in the sun but to fish, they need space to store their gear as well as their catch. Hence, the Basscat Cougar Advantage is not short of storage options. Its deck is designed to offer storage options starting from the bow of the console, packing 5 – 6 storage compartments.

Bass fishing is about finding the best spot in the water and throwing in your lining while enjoying the comforts of your boat; this is what the Cougar Advantage is designed to offer. Regarding its specs, the boat may have a lot of similarities with other BassCat boats, but that is expected because many are standard installations that BassCat uses in all its vessels.

Nevertheless, the Cougar Advantage is a breathtaking machine both regarding its looks and performance. You get to experience high performance with an exquisite handling as your speed rough the water something that can only be achieved because of quality craftsmanship.

The Cougar Advantage runs on an outboard 2-stroke 225horsepower engine. The Hydraulic steering gives it a soft handling even in the rough waters. Also, you will not feel the heavy nudges thanks to the bolster cradle seats that are designed to support your body weight especially on the right spots making it a comfy ride even on long runs. Its rock solid 20’4” hull and 94” beam making it able to take the hits as you speed across the water.