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Selecting a Bus Service- Things to Consider

If you are planning to visit Byron Bay from gold cost airport, then you might be required to select a bus service. Selecting a good bus service can be a difficult task. And if you select the wrong bus service, then there is a high chance your entire journey would be in discomfort.


Bus Service Selection – Points to Consider

While selecting a service for bus from Gold Coast airport to Byron Bay, do bring the following points under consideration:

  • Compare the bus services, but keep this comparison narrow. Select three or four services, and not more than that for comparison purposes.
  • Consider the costs of the service. If the bus service will be transporting your group only then the rates will be high. But if other travellers, apart from your group, would be on board then the rates should be lower. Make sure that the service is not imposing unjust charges on you.
  • Make an inquiry about the luggage that you can carry. You must select the service that allows you to carry what suits your needs. 
  • Book the service in advance so as to guarantee your seat in the bus. In addition, do call the service a few hours before your pickup time so as to ensure that your reservation is in place.

Time delays and faulty transportation service are the two nightmares for every tourist. If you plan before making the final selection, then you can save yourself from these nightmares and can have a relaxed journey. So consider the important points, and make an informed decision!