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Rivertrees residences is voted the TOP 20 condos in 2015

This is the hottest new launch riverfront condo that is coming up in Sengkang Town.It is located just next to Punggol river where it's surrounded with natural beautiful scenery as well as the opulent greenery that makes it more attractive, giving it the best place of staying.Moreover there is availability of waters cape that goes for about 150 meters where the residents can enjoy an excellent frontage. The place is also falls in between very two important nodes,that is Punggol waterfront city that has good facilities easily accessible by the LRT and URA which has wonderful conservation plans more so to the Jalan Kayu which is just nearby. There are also lively of condo facilities within the home where families as well as individuals can enjoy their recreational facilities and just within the residences there is adequate transportation,schools as well as many amenities that are flourishing by.

The residences therefore have been developed by renowned developers Far East Organization,the Fraser Centrepoint together with Sekisui.We can visit the official web here www.rivertrees.info. lts highly designed to make it looks a place that gives a good quality of living. From the Rivertrees Residences, anyone is able and is in a good condition of exploring riverbanks as well as the landscape of the Riverside Park of Sengkang.However this riverside park are well designed to show a good look to the visitors by providing them with a tranguil experience and also for them to have quality family bonding session and to feel part and parcel in the environment just like any other person in the environment. According to the masterplan, that was made a few years ago, several parts of Sengkang West area are set a side to bring high technology that in turn creates job opportunity to closer homes. Moreover regional center such as that of Seletar spectaculated to be able to bring major employment to the north east region. We can go here Rivertrees Residences Site Plan to get better understanding.