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Protect Your Pets and Animals with a Natural Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is usually a renewable product that you never been aware of it. It is a compound found in nature to use for agriculture and made up of fossilized microscopic hard covers. You might be wonder to know about this product as it works gradually there is no danger of complications from die-off in the matter of heavy infestation.

What is usually Diatomaceous Earth?

DE is composed of tiny fossilized grenades associated with algae like marine plants and is purely safe and protected. This food is usually a multipurpose health supplement that helps in reducing the quality of blood cholesterol and sustains the suppleness of blood vessels. It is also a powerful natural solution for hypertensive disorders. Food grade diatomaceous earth does not have any documented cases of adverse reactions and side effects.

How to Use Diatomaceous Earth on your Pet

To give the Diatomaceous earth for dogs, you should add one tablespoon per day for over 55 pounds and for puppies or smaller dogs it should be one table spoon per day.  But be careful before using it; do not put too much DE in your garden or for your pets also. It may be harmful for another insects or bacteria. You can securely scrub this chemical between your fingers without harsh yourself. It passes through your dog or cat’s body without any negative effects.