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Best Places to Visit in Vietnam and Cambodia

You can visit the whole world but you will never find the beauty of Vietnam and Cambodia anywhere. Here are a few places you have got to visit when there.

Things to See in Vietnam

Vietnam is a beautiful country with a number of picturesque sights to see. There is My Son, an ancient site that was once a place for Hindu religious ceremonies. The Mekong Delta and Nha Trang are also places not to be missed. Filled with rice terraces, Sapa is also amazing. Hoi An, 2000 years old city is nothing less than an adventure. Last but not the least; the Ha Long Bay is absolutely serene. With Vietnam Cambodia tours must also be taken, preferably with the help of a travel agency like HainamTravel.


Things to See in Cambodia

Boasting one of the earliest civilizations, Cambodia is filled with amazing temples. The colonial architecture complimented with Mekong River, it has exquisite beaches as well as rugged mountains, a bit of everything. For the adventurers, a trip into the Banlung will be invigorating. Kratie with its French buildings and dolphin sightings is very exciting too. Koh Ker is an amazing temple that one must visit while there. Lastly, Angkor needs to be visited for its ancient buildings.

With a rich culture and so much to see, these countries should be on your must-visit list.