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Why Does Medical Transcription Service Continue To Lure People?

The medical transcription service, in spite of its challenges, continues to draw people. I have come across many people who have chosen the profession as a career completely aware of the challenges in it. So, what makes it so lucrative?

It does not have any stringent pre-requisites. You need the right aptitude and a good medical transcription course to make your way into the field. You become a medical transcription service provider solely on the basis of your aptitude, not because the profession expects you to have a certain qualification or a minimum experience.

It offers job security. The medical transcription service has been one of the very few that emerged from the recession unscathed. The US Department of Labor states that the growth rate of opportunities in the medical transcription industry is faster than the average growth rate of all other industries.

The population the world over is increasing and aging, triggering the need for more healthcare documentation keeps the demand for medical records increasing, thereby ensuring that the transcription service provider has his/her hands full all the time.

The job pays you well. According to the latest Occupational Employment and Wages report, the median hourly wage of a medical transcription service provider in 2008 was $15.57 and the annual wage was $32,390. Your income increases as you become more proficient.

Medical transcription provides you the flexibility of working from home. The medical transcription service lets you work from any location in the world. It also lets you choose your work timings.